What is Angular Cesium?

Create amazing mapping applications using Cesium and Angular components. Angular-Cesium is focused on high performance and simple usage.

Angular Cesium main features and abilities:

  • Declarative template syntax - Build your Cesium application using Angular components and Angular templates syntax.
  • Extra features and abilities - angular-cesium comes packed with an awesome set of tools that solve many of the common issues that GIS systems usually face and let you build your system super fast, including map events handling, camera utilities, and graphics drawing tools.
  • Plug and Play - angular-cesium allows easy integration between any data source and displaying it on the map, u
    sing Angular RxJs data streams (as shown in the diagram below).
Check out our Demo that contains small app built with angular-cesium and our blog post:
Integrating Angular and Cesium with angular-cesium
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What is Angular Cesium?
Angular Cesium main features and abilities: