<ac-array-desc />

This is custom component that represents an array under ac-layer. The element must be a child of ac-layer element.

Usage :

<ac-layer acFor="let track of tracks$" [show]="show" [context]="this">
<ac-array-desc acFor="let arrayItem of track.array" [idGetter]="trackArrayIdGetter">
<ac-array-desc acFor="let innerArrayItem of arrayItem.innerArray" [idGetter]="trackArrayIdGetter">
<ac-point-desc props="{
position: innerArrayItem.pos,
pixelSize: 10,
color: getTrackColor(track),
outlineColor: Cesium.Color.BLUE,
outlineWidth: 1

Description of the props :

  • acFor - {string} - get the tracked array and entityName (see the example).

  • idGetter {Function} - a function that gets the id for a given element in the array - should be defined for maximum performance.

  • show {boolean} - show/hide array's entities.