Viewer Configuration
ViewerConfiguration Service for setting the initial Cesium viewer options.
  • The service must be provided by component that defined <ac-map/> or any components higher in the hierarchy.
  • use viewerOptions and viewerModifier() to initialise the Cesium Viewer.
selector: 'demo-map',
templateUrl: './demo-map.component.html',
providers: [ViewerConfiguration], // Don't forget to Provide it
export class DemoMapComponent {
constructor(private viewerConf: ViewerConfiguration) {
// viewerOptions will be passed the Cesium.Viewer contstuctor
viewerConf.viewerOptions = {
selectionIndicator: false,
timeline: false,
infoBox: false,
fullscreenButton: false,
baseLayerPicker: false,
animation: false,
shouldAnimate: false,
homeButton: false,
geocoder: false,
navigationHelpButton: false,
navigationInstructionsInitiallyVisible: false,
mapMode2D: Cesium.MapMode2D.ROTATE,
// Will be called on viewer initialistion
viewerConf.viewerModifier = (viewer: any) => {
// Remove default double click zoom behaviour
<ac-map id="main-map"></ac-map>
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